Kendra Langeteig, Editor

Kendra Langetieg

Memoir, Literary Fiction, Personal Growth, Self-Help, Mind-Body, Science and Spirituality, How-to Guides

Writing Coach, Developmental Editor, Copy Editor, Proofreader, Publishing Consultant 

Kendra Langeteig, “The Book Doctor,” is an experienced editor, writing coach, and publishing consultant specializing in memoir, literary fiction, personal growth/self-help, mind-body health, and science and spirituality. With a PhD in English Literature from Indiana University, and a diverse background in teaching, research, and publishing, Kendra is adept at assisting experienced as well as first-time authors, including non-native English speakers.

As a specialist in “transformation,” Kendra resonates with works that carry a powerful, heartfelt message on behalf of positive personal and social change. Her clientele often includes life coaches, healing practitioners, and spiritual teachers seeking to share their insights and expertise in a practical book suitable for home use or workshop settings and online courses. Personal storytelling is a feature of most of the self-help books she chooses to work on, and as a one-time literature professor, she loves partnering with authors of memoirs and novels as well.

Kendra’s commitment to nurturing the potential of every new book and author is reflected in her intuitive and holistic approach, making her a valuable partner for authors aspiring to make a meaningful impact with their writing. Skilled at deep listening and sensitive to each author’s unique voice and style, she encourages authors to stretch and grow as writers as the journey unfolds. Working with Kendra, authors learn more about the finer craft of book writing and develop the confidence to launch their books into the world.

The comprehensive editorial assistance Kendra offers extends to publishing support. She has experience in overseeing the entire process, from first to final draft to pre-publication. Her background as an artist gives her an eye for the aesthetics of book design, assuring that this important aspect of the book sends the desired message. Most first-time authors publish their books independently, but for those who wish to submit their manuscript to agents or trade publishers, she can assist with book proposals.

The Year of the Butterfly, by Donna Fridrych

“Kendra’s editing of my three self-published books exceeded my expectations. When I first found Kendra’s website profile, I was drawn to her interest in both spirituality and science. While I expected her technical abilities to be outstanding because of her academic and educational background, I had no idea how her insights and suggestions would substantially overhaul and improve my books. Without hesitation, I believe Kendra is one of the best editors in the business.”

—Donna Fridrych,
Author, The Year of the Butterfly, Women Must Save the World! A Call to Action, and Reflections on the Glass Ceiling: How to Reach It, How to Breach It

Powerful Postpartum: exploring the spiritual significance of early motherhoodWorking with Kendra was a pleasure. Kendra has both a keen eye for detail as well as a wide lens for substantiating the overall message of the project. She offered extensive knowledge throughout the process in both editing and the book industry at large. Her expertise, professionalism, and encouragement were a tremendous support in the completion of my book.

—Kelly Van Zandt,
Author Powerful Postpartum: Exploring the Spiritual Significance of Early Motherhood

Wake Up! Change Up! Rise Up!: Practical Tools for Personal Transformation“Kendra is a professional and kind editor who is a joy to work with. Her recommendations and reorganization of my book were on point and created a far more empowering manuscript. Her advice and guidance stretched me to become a better writer. She truly helped birth my book into being, and I feel fortunate to have worked with her. I highly endorse using Kendra as your book editor.”

—Lynn Lok-Payne,
Author Wake Up! Change Up! Rise Up! Practical Tools for Personal Transformation

Mountains Have Ears“Kendra offers exceptional editorial services. She pays attention to details and produces flawless quality editing. She also takes time with new authors, providing encouragement and support. I would highly recommend her services. I will certainly be using her for future projects.”

—Sandra Cavallo,
Author Mountains Have Ears—Speak to Them

Behold, by Laura Sleeman With a caring yet astute editing style, Kendra helped me to craft and polish a novel that was subsequently picked up by a publishing company, Chiron Books. Kendra brings considerable editing experience to the process as well as a wide knowledge base, including the Jungian and feminist theory central to my message in this novel. I cannot thank her enough for her encouragement and support through it all. She is an editor extraordinaire!”

—Lauren Sleeman,
Author Behold

As in Little Things: Finding Answers to the Great Questions of Life from Everyday Experiences, by Oluwaseun Bayode, edited by Kendra Langetieg“In Kendra, I found a kindred spirit who is not only brilliant in her command of the English language but who also resonated with the essence of my manuscript. Her deep insights and gentle suggestions revealed the seriousness with which she takes her work. It was clear to me that she immersed herself in my work to truly understand the spirit behind the words. Kendra’s encouragement challenged me to find clearer ways of conveying my message, and thus added tremendous value to the quality of my first book. She’s the real deal.”

—Oluwaseun Bayode,
Author As in Little Things: Finding Answers to the Great Questions of Life from Everyday Experiences

The Life of a Stone, by Peter Simon Mond, edited by Kendra Langetieg​”What do you do when you have a very convoluted manuscript, and you desperately need a breath of clarity and vision? You go to Kendra Langeteig, an editor who, in an eminently graceful and professional way, took the “raw material” of my book and turned it into a polished work, shining brightly. I highly recommend her services.”

—Peter Mond,
Author The Life of a Stone 


,My experience working with Kendra was an absolute breeze. She immediately understood my vision for my book and helped me take it to the next level. As an artist and a writer, I had a very specific style. Kendra carefully took into account all aspects of my project and she was excellent at discerning when to prioritize artistic freedom vs. editorial consistency. Kendra is amazingly skilled at what she does, and I would highly recommend working with her. I can’t wait to bring her my next project!

—Lauren Altman,
Author Coping Creatively: 30 Exercises to Transform Difficult Emotions Through Art

Under the Great Elm, by Rich Flanders“When I came across the listing for Kendra while scanning the Internet for an editor, I noted that she had often taken on books of unusual, even mystical, content, reflecting a certain adventurous spirit. A smile began to spread inside, and that was all I needed to get in touch.

“As a fledgling author, I deeply appreciated how patient and thorough Kendra was as she explained the process we’d be going through together over the next weeks and months. Unflinching integrity wove through every edit and subsequent rewrite. We were not just in a business partnership; we were more like kindred spirits and fellow travelers. This went a long way in bolstering a dynamic and happy working relationship. My belief in what I’d written grew, and I felt encouraged to improve my writing at every opportunity. After a year of give and take, painstaking attention to detail, and many moments of laughter, we produced a book to be proud of, and my life has been enriched by a new friendship.”

—Rich Flanders,
Author Under the Great Elm – A Life of Luck & Wonder