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  • Expertise Unleashed: Professional editing, design, and marketing under one roof.
  • Seamless Collaboration: We’re your team, handling the heavy lifting from manuscript to market.
  • Focused Creativity: Spend your time writing; we’ll take care of the rest.

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Author Support Services

In the world of self-publishing, the journey from manuscript to published book is both thrilling and demanding. At Authors’ HQ, we recognize that this path requires a diverse set of skills and expertise—many of which extend beyond the craft of writing itself. That’s where we come in: Authors’ HQ is your dedicated team, ready to shoulder the responsibilities and tasks that bring your literary vision to fruition.

"I so much like and enjoy working with Marc. In today’s times, I often find that working with professionals means working with an associate of a large firm. It’s been a breath of fresh air for me to work directly with the principal; a capable professional, who I can get to know and who wants to get to know me."

Marc Gellman

Author, Seven Days of Shiva

Why Partner with Authors’ HQ?

  • Comprehensive Support Tailored to Your Needs: From captivating book design to strategic marketing, our suite of services covers every aspect of publishing. We’re here to fill the gaps, offering expert guidance and execution in areas where you may lack the time or expertise.
  • A Collaborative Approach to Self-Publishing: Imagine having a skilled team at your disposal—editors, designers, marketers, and publishing consultants—all working together to enhance your book’s potential. With Authors’ HQ, you’re not going it alone; you’re leveraging a collaborative effort to ensure your book shines in the crowded marketplace.
  • Empowering Your Publishing Journey: Our mission is to empower authors by providing the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to navigate the self-publishing process confidently. From initial concept to book launch, we’re with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful publishing experience.

Unleash Your Story’s Potential with Authors’ HQ

Embrace the freedom to focus on what you do best—writing—while we handle the rest. Join the community of authors who’ve achieved publishing success with Authors’ HQ by their side. Let’s embark on this journey together and transform your manuscript into the masterpiece it’s meant to be.

Ready to Work With Us?

We tailor our services to meet your needs. Whether you seek individual support in editing, design, publishing, marketing, sales, or require a full-service approach, we’re here for you.

Curing Death, by Mark Rosenberg M.D.

The Self-Publishing Journey

Editing: Begin with ensuring your manuscript shines. Our experienced editors collaborate closely with you, enhancing clarity, precision, and reader engagement. Choose this service individually or as part of a comprehensive package.

Design: We then craft your book’s aesthetic, from a compelling cover to a meticulous interior layout, aligning with your work’s unique ambiance and narrative. Available as a standalone service or integrated with others.

Publishing: Guiding you through publishing on leading platforms such as Amazon and others, we employ on-demand printing to simplify logistics, eliminating inventory headaches. Opt for this alone or alongside additional services.

Marketing: Recognizing marketing’s pivotal role, we offer comprehensive strategies to boost your book’s visibility, leveraging social media, reviews, and targeted email campaigns. Select marketing as a singular service or part of a broader strategy.

Sales and Distribution: Expand your book’s reach through distribution to key retailers and libraries, ensuring availability in both print and digital formats worldwide. Available independently or in combination with our other offerings.

Ongoing Support: Our commitment extends beyond the launch. From marketing to distribution queries, our team stands ready to support your journey, whether you’ve chosen one service or multiple.

At Authors’ HQ, we tailor our services to meet your needs. Whether you seek individual support in editing, design, publishing, marketing, sales, or require a full-service approach, we’re dedicated to turning your publishing aspirations into achievements. With our flexibility, commitment to excellence, and unwavering support, your manuscript is destined for greatness.

Outside My Mind, by Crux Concepcion

Professional Book Editing

Our seasoned editors ensure your voice shines through, bringing out the best in your work. Discover the transformative power of expert editing.

Book Design

Design that Speaks: Let our expert team craft a cover and interior layout that embodies your book’s essence.

Author Website Design

Your author website showcases your work and connects with readers. Elevate your online presence and open the door to new possibilities.

"It‘s been a great pleasure working with Author’s HQ. Marc is an amazing person to work with – always calm, patient and professional as well as supportive and accessible.

"He’s always been there when I run into a problem. My technical skills are extremely limited, so I left all the heavy lifting for Marc, and he never disappointed me. I've relied on his vast experience in the industry to connect with the right people to promote my books.

"I am greatly impressed by the quality of Marc’s work and his obvious commitment to excellence."

Donald Steven Collins


"Authors' HQ did a fabulous job developing websites that exceeded our expectations. While we provided guidelines for the general look we wanted for the websites, the creativity behind the final look was even better than we envisioned.

"In addition to developing the web pages, Author’s HQ coordinated illustrations of fantasy characters, created a fantasy world map, and even made the map interactive on the website.

"We’ll continue working with Author’s HQ for all our website needs and highly recommend their services."

D. A. Mucci

Author, The Ignatius Series