Amelia Beamer, Editor

Amelia Beamer

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Erotica, Romance, Young Adult, Thrillers, Literary Fiction

Developmental Editor, Manuscript Critiques, Work-in-Progress Beta Reading, Query Letters and Book Proposals

Amelia Beamer has a long list of publishing industry credits. Her background includes 15+ years of magazine editing, running an imprint of translated titles for a major Japanese publisher, and being a traditionally published and critically acclaimed novelist.

As an independent book editor, she approaches novel editing as a fan first, with a reverence for the craft, diligence, and integrity that it takes to write a novel. Her feedback is designed to make sure books are as competitive as possible, without changing the author’s voice. She strives to live in that balance between being kind and being thorough in her editing.

Besides her favorite genres listed above, she’s also happy to take on nonfiction and books that don’t easily fit into categories.

Dusted by the Stars, by GA Matiasz“Amelia provided developmental, line and content editing for two rounds of rewriting on my fiction manuscript. She is a skillful, knowledgeable, thoughtful and challenging editor who provided copious notes and useful recommendations. Her approach is measured and sympathetic, working through suggestion and persuasion.

“I found her summations of my writing’s positives and negatives and the story’s strengths and weaknesses quite valuable, and I appreciated the follow-up sessions to answer questions and explore ideas. I highly recommend Amelia Beamer.”

—G.A. MatiaszAuthor
Author Dusted by Stars

Making the Horizon, by Charley Daveler“Amelia Beamer immediately stood out someone who is not only accurate, but creative. She is extremely perceptive and communicative – able to point out a lot of issues many others didn’t see as well as explain her thinking in a respectful, clear manner. But I was most impressed with her talent at understanding vision, context, and brainstorming a bigger picture. She was capable of suggesting imaginative and clever ways to take the book further while not being invasive with her own style or opinion.

“I’ve worked with many people over the years, and Beamer has provided guidance unlike anyone I’ve received before.”

—Charley Daveler
Author Making the Horizon

Captain Hawkins, by H. P. Alesso “Amelia Beamer is a gifted content editor. My story was in an early stage of develop and possessed many troublesome drawbacks. With a deft touch, she led me to find a strong vibrant arc. Her judicious criticism and consistent voice unified the drama in my tale. She encouraged me to stand by my characterizations and make them come to life. I found her guidance empowering.”

—H.P. Alesso
Author Captain Hawkins

The lost Rose, by Kummam Mohammed AlMaadeed“Working with Amelia helped me take my novel to the next level. She asked all the right questions and pushed me to dig deeper into my story.

“With her, I didn’t just have an editor, I had a writing buddy who taught me so many things.”

—Kummam Al Madeed
Author The Lost Rose

Proceed with Caution, by Jon Peterson“Due to Amelia’s diligence and fortitude, I was able to put my book out to the world via self-publishing and as of last year I signed a contract with a small publishing company. That company is going to re-release my novel early 2022. Without Amelia’s assistance, I may have never been noticed or been able to reach a publishing company that ultimately opted to take on my work and hopefully I’ll be able to continue writing for this publishing company for many years to come.

We all need help from time to time. Amelia gave me a new outlook and I am grateful she decided to take a chance to help an outsider break into the complex world of publishing. Writing is a long and involved process, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Amelia made all the difference and put success into my novel.”

—Jon Peterson
Author Proceed with Caution

The Plan, by J. A. James“Amelia is the consummate professional. Easy to work with, discuss issues with and coordinate with on the scheduling side. She is very efficient, personable and was quick and patient to respond to my questions as a first-time novelist. We did a follow-up call more than a month after the initial edit and she was very professional with remembering what the issues were that we had to discuss.”

—J.A. James
Author The Plan

Alvin Baylor Lives, by Maximilian Gray “A few years back you did a developmental pass for me on my first book. I followed your advice and rewrote the book to the best of my ability into a multi-POV story. I’m quite proud of the final result.”

—Maximilian Gray
Author Alvin Baylor Lives!

Rise of the Protector, by Winn Taylor “I’m really beyond satisfied with Amelia! She delivered a deep, thoughtful analysis with feedback I can leverage to shape the manuscript into a far more strong and fluid read. Her feedback included a very thorough analysis of character and dialogue weaknesses that were reoccurring as well as ways to remedy, and why the issues presented a problem. Amelia provided unfiltered feedback–exactly what I’d hoped for. She tempered her examinations of the flaws with attention to the manuscript’s strengths, but not in a way that felt like b.s., as if softening the blow, which made her positive feedback feel like something I could count on.”

—Winn Taylor
Author Rise of the Protector